The Chili Peppers – Chicken Scratch

Chili Peppers - Chicken Scratch

Today’s selection continues on from where last week’s choice left off, with a banging funky dancefloor tune. Whilst last week’s platter was very much on the side of funky soul, today’s is one hell of an instrumental groove. Some of you may have heard this track before – it is essentially the music that was used in Betty Barney’s “Momma, Momma” but of course with no vocals, the instrumentation is a lot higher in the mix.

This has become pretty tough to track down an original of these days, however if you so desire you can pick up a copy courtesy of our friends over at BGP where you get not just one but two stonking tracks (the aforementioned “Momma, Momma” by Betty Barney on the flip). It’s also available on the BGP comp “Superfunk Vol 4” if you want even more bang for your buck! However, if you’re just like me and prefer your o.g’s then you’ll just have to dig a little harder in order to turn one of these guy’s up!!

The Chili Peppers are probably a name that means nothing to you – in fact, I’m not aware of any other release under that name, but I do know that the band are actually another act well-known in funk circles – The Pazant Brothers. If you dig this groove and want to check out more tracks by this group I recommend starting off with “Chick A Boom” and digging from there!

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