Kool & The Gang – The Frog

Kool And The Gang - The Frog

We’re returning this week with a track by arguably the most well-known group I’ve ever featured here on the blog, however I guess this particular track may be one that isn’t familiar to all but the biggest funk fans among you. This song was cut as the b-side to the single “Good Times” which was the title track of their 5th studio album of the same name. Initially starting out life as a song called “Electric Frog” (of which there were 2 parts) on their previous LP entitled “Music Is The Message”, it was renamed and released as the flip to Good Times.

What we get here is Kool & The Gang at their absolute funkiest. Most of you probably remember the band for hits like “Cherish”, “Ladies Night”, “Celebration” and “Get Down On It”, however the funky seeds were sewn a good 10 years previous when the group formed back in 1968. Alongside James Brown, Parliament/Funkadelic & Sly Stone, they were considered to be one of the pioneers of the funk sound that was to become so prevalent during the late 60s/early 70s. Songs like “Funky Stuff” & “Jungle Boogie” became hugely popular on the funk & rare groove scene of the late 80s and have both featured extensively in films & music compilations.

Like many bands of their era, their line-up changed many times over the years but they can still occasionally be caught performing at different festivals around the globe. The strange Moog-y type vibe and bongos mixed with that funky flute that you know I’m a big fan of, makes this one hell of a groover! Dig!

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