Marie "Queenie" Lyons – See And Don't See

Marie Queenie Lyons - See And Don't See

Funk & soul music of the late 60s and early 70s has rarely yielded any albums that have been highly regarded by music fans in comparison to those released by rock bands. Sure, What’s Going On, Hot Buttered Soul, Innervisions & Maggot Brain have all received plaudits over the years but those records are the exception rather than the rule. What is perhaps even more conspicuous by their absence is the complete lack of respect given to albums by female soul artists and today’s artist is one such soul sista who certainly deserves a lot more recognition for her album.

Recorded in 1970 and released on the James Brown King/Deluxe label, Soul Fever is the perfect example of an LP that has been massively overlooked by the general music fan but which has gained a huge respect from the funk & soul collectors – so much so that an original copy sells for around £300 – £400, which is a huge amount for an original soul LP. Thankfully though, for those who can’t afford the price tag the reissue is available for around £15 and in my opinion is an absolute essential purchase for any fan of that late 60s funky soul trip.

So what do you get for your money? Well, there’s everything from mid tempo groovers, fantastic ballads, uptempo funk and huge vocal screamers in there. Sadly Ms Lyons only recorded the one album but I suppose we can think of it as a case of quality over quantity. The song I have selected to feature for you today is the album’s opener and is backed with the second song on the record “Daddy’s House”. This 45 has always been popular among soul & funk djs and much like the LP has become quite valuable – copies regularly sell for £100 – £150. So tune in to the fantastic sound of Marie “Queenie” Lyons.

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