Mike Curb Congregation – Mickey Mouse March

Mike Curb - Mickey Mouse March

I’ve probably mentioned before that I’m partial to songs that I suppose you could call “quirky”, you know what I mean, tracks that have kids singing or were put together for some tv ad or as a promo item for a particular product. With that in mind, you’ll probably recall a few months back a record that I featured which very much falls in to the “quirky” category – The Bunny Hop by Bugs Bunny. Well it’s only right then that I should turn to a song celebrating Disney’s biggest and most well-loved character – Mickey Mouse.

This track isn’t like The Bunny Hop in so far as it doesn’t actually feature Mickey Mouse unlike Bunny Hop that really does have Bugs Bunny singing along. As you can see from the label, this song was released on the “Buena Vista” label which was owned by Walt Disney and was an off-shoot of the Disney Record label set up specifically at the time for the recordings of the Mouseketeer, Annette Funicello. The label further expanded to cover soundtrack recordings and other selected releases and today’s feature comes from 1974.

What marked this out to the attention of funk collectors is the insane opening drum break. This is one heavy break for what is a pretty cheesy record but it ended up being featured on one of the “Dusty Fingers” compilations which at last count ran to volume 17!! These comps composed of tracks many of which were sampled in well-known (and some lesser-known) hip-hop tracks. This is certainly one for the kids & parents to groove along to!!

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