Sidney Barnes & Speedometer – If I Could Only Be Sure

Sidney Barnes - If I Could Only Be Sure

We’re bringing you a little taste of the old with the new here on the blog this week (in more than one respect). The song I feature for you today is a new take on an old classic featuring the legendary vocals of Sidney Barnes mixed with the cream of today’s nu-funk bands, Speedometer.

This was a record that I purchased during my trip to Vienna over the summer. I bought it from my buddy Jorg – who runs the excellent RecordShack store in the city. As you can see from the picture this was released on the RecordShack label and was something of a long-term project that finally came together last year after a number of years of planning. If you buy the 45 you’ll be able to read the story on the back of the record.

So what is different about this version? Well, I’m guessing most of you already know the original release by Nolan Porter which went on to be hugely popular on the Northern Soul & Mod scene in the U.K. It’s mod credentials were further enhanced when Paul Weller covered it for his Studio 150 album, released in 2004. I have a bit of an admission to make though – I’ve never been a huge fan of either version. Maybe it could be a case of familiarity breeding contempt but it’s never been a track that’s really grabbed me. However, this take is much more to my liking. There’s a nice piece of organ in there and some really cool flute action going on that really lifts the track to make it an overall lighter, more uplifting version.

I’d definitely recommend purchasing a copy of the 45 as I think it’s important to support smaller labels as much as possible – oh and the flip side of the record is also well worth owning! Enjoy! 

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