The Americans Of '72 – The Cancer Stick

The Americans of ‘72 - The Cancer Stick Pt. 1

Happy New Year to you all – I trust you all enjoyed the festive period. January always seems to be the most unpopular month of the year with people returning to work from their holidays not to mention the bills coming in due to a bit of over indulgence in spending over Christmas. One of the other things about January is of course New Year’s resolutions. I’m sure some of you will be thinking of going on a little diet after having enjoyed one too many turkey dinners in December (not to mention too many chocolates!!). Others of you might be thinking of going off alcohol for a while or indeed cutting out smoking. Well that’s where today’s musical selection comes in!

Yes indeed – this track is all about the perils of smoking cigarettes. It’s a bit of a light-hearted take on the subject talking about the damage one of the band members is doing to himself and others due to his heavy smoking. Strangely, I have two different versions of this track but I can’t really tell the difference between the two! They are both called “The Cancer Stick” but the other version is by The Americans of ’71. I don’t know why this is – perhaps there was a change in the line-up of the band from one year to the next and this led to a name change – who knows?? Anyway – I hope you all enjoy and best of luck to anyone who is quitting smoking.

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