The Detroit Night Riders – Getting Funky

Detroit Night Riders - Getting Funky

With Christmas over, your favourite funk & soul blog has taken the opportunity to undergo something of a makeover. It’s important to keep things fresh and I hope you’ll appreciate the changes I’ve made to the blog (within the constraints of wordpress of course!!). I’ve kept the format broadly similar to what you’re used to so that it’s still easy to find your way around & check out all the various features. I hope y’all dig it.

I hope to be able to add new features to the blog and bring you more regular interviews as well as more guest contributors during 2015. In addition to this, I plan to have more dj slots during the year so you might be able to check out the Gazfunk groove in a live environment. But that’s all for later, so let’s just concentrate on the here & now.

The track I feature for you today is one of the newest additions to the Gazfunk collection. It’s become more and more rare as time goes by that I find funk & soul tunes that I dig which I haven’t heard before and I don’t mind admitting that this record is one such case. Sometimes I’m surprised at the cost of which some records sell for (and it’s normally surprise in a negative sense!) but this was one that proved to be a nice little bargain (for once!!).

So what do you get? Well this is a wah-wah driven instrumental monster that reminds me of the music in Sharon Jones’ “Stranger To My Happiness” and to use that well-worn phrase is “perfect for the dancefloor”. So get your dancing shoes on and have a great New Year whatever you are up to – I’ll see you on the other side! Gaz 


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