Bugs Bunny – The Bunny Hop

Bugs Bunny - Bunny Hop

As much as I love finding (and sharing) rare soul and funk tunes, one of the other things that really appeals to me is finding tracks that may be best described as “quirky”. Today’s selection is a perfect example of that. I have plenty of other tracks that are a bit oddball and wouldn’t be thought of as straightforward soul & funk (in fact I’ve brought you a couple before on the blog “The Slurp” & “It’s The Real Thing” – both cut to advertise soft drinks). I also have records made to advertise everything from a Finnish jeans retailer to a French suncream manufacturer.

What binds these things altogether is the great funky sound they share. The Bunny Hop is no exception. Released in 1973, the record was put together by a guy called Mike McNaught – a well-regarded composer & bandleader who arranged some songs for Harry Nilsson. When listening to this song, it immediately has that groovy KPM style sound which should come as no surprise as McNaught also performed on some KPM albums in the 70s. Unsurprisingly, it also features the “vocals” of the man? himself – Bugs Bunny. 

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