Don Covay – The Overtime Man

Don Covay - The Overtime Man

This week’s selection is a track in the same vein as a song that I brought to you wayy back in the very early days of Gazfunk – Jimmy Bee’s “Outside Man”. The message behind this one is identical – treat your woman right or some other dude is gonna come along and give her the lovin’ that she needs! Where “Overtime Man” differs is that there’s a bit more of a funky vibe going on here with that wah-wah guitar. Those of you familiar with Mr Covay will realise that this isn’t the type of sound that one would normally associate with him, I suppose that’s what made it stand out to me so much.

In all my years of collecting this was one of the first funky soul records I bought (I had for years been buying mod & Northern Soul tracks) and something that made me delve even deeper into that style. Until recently it had been long forgotten as I’m sure like most other djs/collectors, early purchases get pushed to the back of the box in favour of the new buys.

I’d just like to finish with some info about upcoming features here on the blog – it’s been a while since I’ve had a guest contributor and/or an interview and this is something I hope to correct in the coming weeks, so stay tuned. I may also have 1 or 2 more dj gigs lined up so I will keep you up to date when they are confirmed. Stay groovy now! 

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