Willie Bobo – Fried Neckbones & Some Home Fries

Willie-Bobo - Fried Neckbones & Some Home Fries

So much like last week’s update, this one is going to be pretty short as I still haven’t recovered from my broken arm. I had one or two guest contributors lined up but unfortunately they haven’t had a chance to submit something to the blog (which would’ve been handy since I had been out of service for a few weeks!!) I hope that I might be able to bring you a guest contribution in the not too distant future as well as an interview (or two!)

But it’s on to this week’s choice cut and since it’s been a while since I’ve brought you anything with a latin flavour I thought I’d bring out one the big guns this week with this selection. This is probably one of the most recognisable latin tunes to come out of the 60s/70s. In fact, before I even really knew what latin music was, I knew this track through hearing it on tv and radio (though I have to admit for years I didn’t quite know what he was singing!!!)

I could go into a long winded story about Bobo’s music and the legendary artists he performed with, however I will just leave you instead to dig his cool groove. 

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