Chalklit Milk Revue – Forever Bliss

Chalklit Milk Revue - Forever Bliss

The last couple of week’s tracks have been somewhat on the slower, more groovy side of funk, so I decided that today’s selection would return to something a little bit more raw (& faster), and what a tune it is! I’ve spoken before about the fact that I have a considerable amount of hammond screamers in my collection and this record must be one of the finest examples.

From the opening few bars you just know this is going to be a scorcher and it just doesn’t let up! The organ on this one is very heavy and there is a little bit of a garage rock feel to it, so I guess it would be equally at home at a mod or funk club (modfunk perhaps??) I think I’ve only heard it played in a club once or twice in my life which I think is a damn shame as it’s dancefloor gold in my humble opinion.

As is the case with many great funk records, the funkier track all too often appears as the b-side. This is yet another example of the case in point with the A-side being a totally uninspiring cover of Willie Nelson’s “Funny How Time Slips Away”. I always recommend flipping all 45s over and at least listening to the b-side once as I have regularly found the added bonus of the record I’ve just bought being a genuine “double-sider”.

So crank up the volume on this one and get ready to dance around your living room! 

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