The JB's – Gimme Some More

The JB's - Gimme Some More

Tomorrow night I’ll be going to see one of my favourite groups (and a band that really struck a chord with me when I was very young) – Public Enemy. They’re playing a 300/400 capacity venue in Belfast and I imagine it’ll be a fantastic gig in such an intimate setting. I did see them before – almost 10 years ago, also in Belfast so it will be interesting to see how they compare from then.

I therefore decided this week’s song choice would tie-in with their show but given that they have sampled so many tracks over the years, the challenge was deciding which one to pick. Funky Drummer by James Brown was just a little too obvious but it felt only right that I select something from J.B.’s stable especially considering his influence on the band (not to mention how often they sampled his tracks!).

The song I plumped for then was Gimme Some More. I remember hearing this in the late 90s when I was just starting to collect funk records and I loved the groove that it had. It’s not the heavy, frenetic sound that you associate with other JB’s compositions but it has a constant groove that remains timeless. You can tell that this was a band at the absolute peak of their powers (which I’m sure they had to be to avoid a fine from James Brown!!!) 

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