Rhythm Heritage – Theme from S.W.A.T.

Rhythm Heritage - Theme from SWAT

Today’s selection is a track that I literally haven’t heard in years and probably haven’t played out myself for even longer. When I was first getting into funk many, many moons ago this was one of the “go-to” tracks at the time. O.k., so it’s not quite as well know as something like “Shaft” or “Sex Machine” but it was still widely known in funk circles. However in more recent years it seems to have disappeared from playlists (maybe that was due to it being overplayed at the time and it could be worthy of a bit of a revival!)

I’m sure some of you are wondering just what “S.W.A.T.”actually was. Well it was a tv show that ran for 2 series in 1975/76 and was produced by that well-known and prolific writer/producer, Aaron Spelling. Based on an actual LAPD SWAT team it was a pretty violent show which caused controversy with the SWAT team who were depicted in the programme.

What seemed to be the main thing that people liked about the show was the very funky theme tune. You can just imagine that the writers commissioned a band to make a cool, groovy mid 70s instrumental track. Well, they certainly succeeded as the song reached No1 on the Billboard Hot 100!! Think of the Starsky & Hutch theme and you are close to the type of sound displayed on this one.

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