A Fascinating Musical Experience – The Monster

A Fascinating Musical Experience - The Monster

Firstly I’d like to wish all my readers a Happy Easter (for those of you who celebrate it) I’m not particularly religious myself but it does allow me a few days of work to do what I like best – digging some tunes & indulging in some fine food!

As you are no doubt aware Saturday was the date for Record Store Day 2014 and I had some fun dj’ing in store at one of our biggest record stores here in Belfast, Head Records. Now I know that some people don’t buy into RSD for their own reasons (many of which I understand) but if an event like Record Store Day can entice people into a local record shop even for just one day, then it might help to keep that business going throughout the rest of the year and who knows, they may even gain repeat customers. We can but hope!! You can check out a few pictures from the day at the bottom of the page.

Quickly onto today’s selection and much like last week there isn’t a lot to write about this track due to it’s obscurity. Again, like last week’s tune, this song has been featured on another compilation/mix album by a very well-known dj (and one that hails from my own city!) Mr David Holmes. I’ve already featured something from his Come Get It I Got It album and this is another one of the standout tracks from the LP.

It’s a pretty hard record to come by this one and it took me a while before I was able to find a copy but I think it’s a belter of a tune. To be honest, I don’t think I’ve really heard a record like it before (and I’ve listened to a lot of vinyl over the years!!). I suppose it’s quite a spacey sound but has that rare groove feel to it. I hopes you dig it! 


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