Cold Blood – I'm A Good Woman

Cold Blood - I'm A Good Woman

When trying to think of what tune to bring you this week it came as a bit of a surprise that I hadn’t already featured today’s selection – in fact I had to look through all of my previous posts to be certain! Rest assured though, this is definitely the first time I’ve showcased this record.

Those of you who are big soul/r&b fans will be aware that this song was originally released back in ’66 by the legendary Barbara Lynn. Since then it has become hugely popular on the mod/soul scene. The version I bring you today (in true Gazfunk tradition) is a somewhat more funky take on the tune.

Cold Blood were formed in late ’68 and featured the fantastic vocal talent of Lydia Pense (she has often been compared to Janis Joplin with her powerful rock & soul vibe and it was in fact Joplin who recommended the band to Bill Graham who would sign them to his “San Francisco” label)

The band went on to release 6 albums and a number of live albums sometimes under the name “Lydia Pense & Cold Blood”. Like a lot of bands of their time they have endured many changes to their line-up over the years but this hasn’t prevented them from performing live even up to the present day. I hope you dig the groove of Cold Blood! 


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