Larry Birdsong – Every Night In The Week


Greetings all! I’m slightly later than normal this week but hopefully today’s track as brought to you by our latest guest selector will make it worth the wait! So who is this guest contributor? It’s none other than Mr Fatshoolaces Wayne.

I’m guessing if you’ve ever done a search on youtube for pretty much anything funky, chances are you will have found your chosen song on his “Fatshoolaces” channel such is the depth of songs and variety contained within. As well as running one of the most popular funk & breaks channels on youtube, he can be found frequenting and dj’ing in dark, gritty rare funk & soul clubs like the excellent Empty Bottles and Different Strokes. But where did his musical journey start? Let’s hear from the man himself…

A fully fledged vinyl addict since the mid 80s, I first started collecting rap which soon progressed to rare groove, funk and then onto B-boy breaks. With a background in pirate radio, sound systems and DJ’ing at local club nights, It was a natural step to move into audio production, which is what I spent my time doing through most of the 90’s. Producing various artists and the resultant digging and hunting down of ‘new’ samples to use, all on original vinyl, led me deeper into the world of rare and obscure grooves… And that’s exactly where I am right now – Hopelessly addicted to searching out and championing lesser known sounds. It’s all about collecting and sharing great records for me, regardless of genre. As long as it’s tough and funky, I’ll be all over it!

After receiving a surprise invitation from Mr Gazfunk to feature a track on his most excellent blog, much frantic rifling of crates ensued! There are so many tunes that I would love to share but when I pulled out this particular 45, I just knew it was the one…

Larry Birdsong - Every Night In The Week

My choice is the 1967 remake of Larry Birdsong’s ‘Every Night In The Week’. Transformed from the original 1958 number into a funk/soul burner, it’s been a huge fave of mine for a while now and deserves more recognition in my humble opinion. It ticks all my boxes of what a mid-tempo funky should be: A full-on vocal, a bass line that shakes the floor and a horn section that can crack windows. Plus it gets right on down to the raw bones of the groove in the middle. The Buford Majors Band nail it. Perfect! I hope you dig it.

(Larry Birdsong’s output included various Doowop, Rock and Roll, R&B and Soul tracks from the mid 50’s to the early 70’s. Despite recording with various labels including Excello, Vee-Jay, Ace, Sur-Speed and Ref-O-Ree, major success seemed to elude him. His ‘Pleadin’ For Love’ (Excello) peaked at no. 11 on Billboard’s R&B charts in July 1956 but was sadly the only real dent he ever made). 

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