Flame & The Sons Of Darkness – Solid Funk

Flame & Sons Of Darkness - Solid Funk

It’s quite a rare occurence that a record does exactly what it says on the tin (to coin a phrase) but today’s selection is one such case. The track is called “Solid Funk” and really couldn’t be any more aptly named. This is one of those songs that doesn’t have a “lead-in” – from the opening bars it tears out of the speakers in a cacophony of wah-wah guitars and pounding drums and continues on at break-neck speed through to the final (vinyl?) notes of the record.

As you might imagine given my description, this is most definitely one for the dancefloor – in fact it might even be too quick & heavy for some to groove on down to!! Due to it’s rarity there isn’t much info out there about this one. It looks like a bit of a small release and the “P&P Label” comes from the first names of the two producers. What makes this track even more remarkable is that the band responsible were only teenagers when the track was cut in 1972. Powerful stuff from ones so young! Another point of interest about the record is the interesting cover version of the huge Beatles hit “Something” (incidentally Frank Sinatra’s favourite song)

A little quick update on our next guest contributor – I hope to be able to bring you their selection next week so stay tuned for that. I’ve no doubt it’ll be a cracker!! In the meantime, dig some solid funk:

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