Freddy & The Kinfolk – The Goat

Freddy & the Kinfolk - The Goat

Every now and then you can manage to touch lucky for a track that is surprisingly cheap and today’s selection is one such record. It’s not a track that’s widely known (unless you happen to be a bit of a funk collector) in comparison to tracks by James Brown, Curtis, Sly etc but that doesn’t mean it’s short on quality.

Freddy & The Kinfolk were also known for another song of theirs that again became popular among funk collectors – “Mashed Potato, Popcorn” with it’s notable kiddy backing vocals. The record I feature for you today I’ve seen described as latin and mod funk – two of my favourite styles – so you know you’re onto a winner!! Of course as it’s title suggests there is the obligatory sound affects of a goat in the background (as seemed popular in the funk world around the late 60s/early 70s). I featured this song recently as a part of a “Funky Animal Farm” mix that I did for the excellent “Jumping The Gap” radio show on Sydney’s 2ser FM – you can check out the link to the mix here

There’s not too much to add to this post other than to tell you that I have lined up my next very special guest contributor and I hope to bring you their selection(s) in the coming weeks. Enjoy today’s selection and keep it Gazfunk!

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