Deep Street Soul – Kick Out The Jams

Deep Street Soul - Kick Out The Jams

Regular readers of Gazfunk will be aware that I’m due to travel to South East Asia and Australia on Saturday for almost 6 weeks. I’m obviously looking forward to my trip, however it may not be feasible for me to continue to bring you my weekly song updates whilst I’m away but I will try to provide some updates during that time. As I have a number of dj slots lined up, I hope to be able to bring you some pictures of the gigs and fingers crossed, I may even be able to capture some videos which I will upload to my youtube channel and share with you here on the blog.

So onto today’s selection and this song has been influenced by one of the cities that I’ll be dj’ing in during my travels, Melbourne. I’ve already spoken before about how Melbourne has become one of the hottest cities on the planet for nu-funk bands (some of you may remember my interview with The Cactus Channel) and todays band are one of the most important on the Melbourne Scene.

Deep Street Soul’s story started out back in 2006 as a hammond-led instrumental four piece. It was shortly after this time that I heard “Loose Caboose” (their 2nd single) on the Jaycees label and immediately purchased a copy. Whilst the record seemed to be a bit low in the mix, I really enjoyed The Meters style funk and drum sound that sounded like contemporaries Lefties Soul Connection.

The first 2 singles were picked up on by Freestyle Records (one of our favourite modern labels) who immediately signed the band. It was at this stage that they were to release the song I feature for you today, a rousing take on the legendary MC5’s “Kick Out The Jams”. The track featured New York’s Tia Hunter on vocals and was to find immense popularity among the world’s top funk djs. In fact, so good is this version that Wayne Kramer of MC5 declared it the greatest version of the song ever recorded. High praise indeed!!

I hope you dig the track and I’ll catch up with y’all real soon, in the meantime – keep it funky!

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