Joe Tex – Chicken Crazy

Joe Tex - Chicken Crazy

Most funk records tend to consist of an uptempo groove or feature meaningful lyrics about the ghetto etc (often with the aforementioned uptempo groove). One of the key components of funk is its immense danceability, in fact most genres of music have this as a key aspect. Likewise touching lyrics of love, hurt, despair & anger are all well catered for in the music world. Sometimes though, when listening to music I want to hear something that makes me smile. It’s not too often that music features lyrics that make you laugh, but today’s selection is definitely one that makes me chuckle when I hear it.

This week’s track is delivered to you by the mighty Joe Tex. A former stablemate of James Brown’s at the King label in the mid 50s (with whom he was to endure a long-running feud), Tex was largely credited with bringing Southern Soul to the musical foreground. His recordings at the legendary Muscle Shoals studio, Fame paved the way for many soul artists to work with producer Rick Hall and enjoy commercial success where it had previously eluded them (most notably Aretha Franklin). Incidentally, I recently watched the new film about Muscle Shoals and I highly recommend it.

As you can imagine, today’s tune is a humourous look at America’s infatuation with the chicken. Even the “plucking” of the guitar strings during the track is done to ape the sound of a chicken clucking. The song features Tex’s vocals in his usual “spoken” style (some called it proto-rap, but I’ll leave that up to you to decide). I hope y’all enjoy the track with a smile on your face…

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