Martha High & Speedometer – No More Heartaches

Martha High & Speedometer - No More Heartaches

Before I start with this week’s update I’d like to say a big thanks to Mr Gary Love for his piece last week as our latest guest contributor. As you know, I really love my latin and Gary’s selection was an excellent choice.

The track I bring you today is probably my favourite release of 2012. Those of you who are familiar with the mighty James Brown and his funky people should undoubtedly dig this record. It was originally recorded way back in 1970 (under a slightly different title) by none other than Vicki Anderson, one of JB’s backing singers – whom he described as the greatest singer he had ever heard. It remained quite unknown to most in comparison to tracks by the likes of Marva Whitney & Lyn Collins.

Fast-forward 40 something years and the coming together of the old & the new, with Speedometer joining forces with Martha High (who herself toured extensively with JB) to breath new life into a somewhat overlooked funk classic. Sometimes it is easy to take a great record and try to put your own twist on it but end up in the process losing the very essence of what makes the track so special. However in this case you need not worry as the 2012 version stays pretty faithful to the original but beefs up the sound somewhat. Everything in this version just feels that little bit tighter and more polished than Anderson’s which is some achievement given that Bobby Byrd & James Brown produced the original. You can’t get much higher praise than that!!

Martha High & Speedometer’s album “Soul Overdue” is out now on Freestyle Records and if you are very lucky, you might get a chance to see them perform in your city!

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