Little Francisco Greaves – Mooving, Grooving

Little Francisco Greaves - Mooving, Grooving

In my update last week I spoke about wanting to return to my traditional day for my posts (Monday), so with it being a Bank Holiday over here (meaning I have a day off work) I thought I’d use my time productively and bring you my latest offering.

Before I talk about this week’s selection though, I’d first like to mention the reaction to last week’s track. The record was so popular that it was featured on a soul & funk radio show in France and we got a shout-out live on air! You can check out the show at or by visiting the facebook page at That wasn’t all though – we even got a Facebook like from the woman herself, Ann Sexton! I feel very humbled!

The tune that I select for you today is without question one of the greatest funk records ever made in my opinion. If you look at the label you’ll see that it says “Panama! 3” on it. I should point out at this stage that my copy is in fact a repress from a few years ago. Now I know that we are all about the originals here on Gazfunk, but when a record is impossibly rare to find I think it’s a shame to omit it from the blog especially when the track is just sooo hot like this! I’m sure the purists among you will look over the fact that it’s a repress.

This song first came to my attention due to it’s appearance on the aforementioned “Panama! 3” compilation that was released a few years ago. The album was put together by an old favourite of ours and somewhat of an expert on Central & South American music, Quantic. The rest of the comp is of a decent standard but this cut is far and away the standout track for me. From the opening crack of the drum, you just know this track is gonna be a scorcher. In fact, it probably features one of the greatest drum solos ever committed to wax.

Over the last few years it’s featured regularly in my funk sets. From Belfast to Madrid, London to Stockholm & Dublin to New York, it has gone down huge on the dance floor and it really is guaranteed to get you moving, grooving!

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