The Commodores – Rise Up

The Commodores  - Rise Up

O.k., I know some of you might be looking at the title of my latest post and are thinking “The Commodores, is he losing his mind?!?!” Well you see as much as The Commodores may be well-known for their god-awful middle of the road love songs (which also  give “rise” to Lionel Ritchie’s equally nauseating solo career) the band were once a respected funk outfit.

I’ve no doubt some of you would be only too well aware of some of their funk offerings during the 70s including “Brick House” (which has featured in many a Hollywood movie) and “Machine Gun” (which featured in the rather excellent “Boogie Nights”) amongst others. Today’s selection is actually the band’s first single from waaaayyy back in 1969 and like many bands in their early career, the single pretty much flopped.

The flip side of this track is the often covered Alvin Cash classic “Keep On Dancing”. I’ve heard many different takes on Cash’s original and this one doesn’t particularly stand out any more than the others if I’m honest, but you can’t destroy a stone cold classic, huh?. Partly due to this being the band’s debut single and also because it didn’t become a hit, it ended up being a record that a lot of funk collectors sought after. The version I have is the European release – I often prefer being European releases as the record normally has a nice little picture sleeve as opposed to the white or bland company sleeve that you get with most U.K./U.S. releases (this normally ensures that the European release is more valuable too!)


P.S. Don’t forget that I’ll be dj’ing at the checkemlads charity mod all-dayer this Saturday at the Lexington in North London. There will be a selection of great bands and some of the top djs on the mod scene, so please drop by if you can for some fantastic music and to help raise some money for this much-needed cause.

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