Julie Driscoll, Brian Auger & The Trinity – Break It Up

Brian Auger - Break It Up

Some time ago now I featured a track by one of the legendary British hammond organ players, Mr Alan Hawkshaw. Since I’ll be dj’ing at the mod all-dayer in London next weekend, I thought it appropriate to bring you a track this week from another titan of the U.K.’s hammond organ sound- the one and only Brian Auger.

Auger’s musical story starts way back in 1965 with the formation of Steampacket – a band that could arguably be called the first rock “supergroup”. The group consisted of Auger, his musical partner Julie Driscoll, legendary bluesman Long John Baldry, Vic Briggs (who later found fame with “The Animals”) and a young man by the name of Rod Stewart. The band however, was only to last for a very short time without any official records being released. After the split, Auger created his new band – The Trinity.

Driscoll & Briggs were to follow Auger into the new group and they instantly went about ensuring that this time, unlike with Steampacket, they could actually record and release some songs. Covers of “Road To Cairo” and the Bob Dylan penned “This Wheel’s On Fire” were to give the group the chart success and recognition they craved. As well as these covers, they also achieved popularity amongst the mod scene with their take on Richie Havens’ “Indian Ropeman” and another track “Tiger”

This week’s selection is actually the b-side of the record (the a-side being, surprise, surprise another cover, this time of Otis & Carla’s “Tramp”) but I far prefer this to the flip – and let’s be honest who needs yet another version of “Tramp”. The thing that makes this song particularly groovy in my humble opinion is the break. It really is ripe for sampling and shows that as well as the jazz and psychedelia, there was still more than a hint of soul in there!

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