Ikebe Shakedown – Hard Steppin

Ikebe Shakedown - Hard Steppin

I’ve spoken in the past about the fact that there are still many funk bands around today releasing great records and that the sound didn’t just die out around ’75/’76 as many people might think. Today’s selection is yet another example that there is plenty going on in the modern funk world – so if you (like me) are becoming increasingly frustrated with the sanitized over-produced rubbish that dominates the charts, not to mention 99% of the media, fear not as there is still quality music out there if you spend the time diggin’

Ikebe Shakedown hail from Brooklyn, New York and describe their sound as a mixture of cinematic soul, afro funk and boogaloo. Well with a description like that you know you’re onto a winner! The band had been knocking around for a few years in one guise or another until they officially formed in 2008 with the line-up you see today.

This week’s selection is the first release from the band cut in 2009 and released on the “Colemine” label. All of the elements that make up Ikebe Shakedown’s sound can be heard in abundance here. Think Curtis Mayfield having a drink with Fela Kuti whilst the JB’s are playing on the jukebox and you kinda get the idea. This track was to prove very popular among the world’s funk collectors and due to the low number of pressings became something that was cherished by those who had a copy and desired by those that didn’t.

I’ll have some news next week of another gig I have coming up in August (possibly more than 1!!) so stay tuned!

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