B.W. Souls – Marvins Groove

B.W. Souls - Marvins Groove

In last week’s update I mentioned about the latest interview I hope to be bringing you next week, well I can exclusively reveal that I will be interviewing none other than the writer & director behind the film “Sample This”, Mr Dan Forrer.

For those of you who don’t know about the film, it tells the story of the Incredible Bongo Band, one of the most sampled acts of all time (particularly for their legendary take on “Apache”) exploring how the band came about (and the subsequent “break-up”) and the characters involved as well as the legacy that the music has left behind. It features interviews with the likes of Freda Payne, Afrika Bambaataa & Kool Herc and is narrated by Mr Gene Simmons of Kiss.

The UK Premiere of the film takes place this Friday (21st June) at the BFI in the Southbank, London and Dan has kindly invited Gazfunk along to the event. I’m really looking forward to the show and I hope to catch up with Dan for a few words about the film and have some pictures of the evening – so make sure and stay tuned for that, next week.

On to today’s update then and the record I bring you is one of the cornerstones of funk music. This selection fits in quite well with “Sample This” as it’s another track that has been heavily sampled down through the years. There’s not much more that needs to be said about this track other than it’s an absolute essential purchase for any funk dj/collector. Enjoy!!

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