Margo Thunder – Expressway To Your Heart

Margo Thunder - Expressway To Your Heart

The record that I bring you today is a track that somehow passed me by and I only became aware of quite recently. I’m sure any of you that are soul fans (and maybe even if you’re not) will have heard the Soul Survivors original smash hit from 1967 (in fact it became a million seller). But how many of you, like me haven’t heard this cover? I’m not sure that it’s widely known but I do recommend hunting down a copy as it’s not overly expensive and well worth the effort.

Rumour has it that Margo Thunder recorded her version of the track at the tender age of 16 and although there have been plenty of takes on the song, this is probably my favourite of the lot. It doesn’t have the traffic style sound effects of the original (which some might think is a good thing) but it has equally great vocals and the music had been beefed up a little and seems to be clearer in the mix.

Next week I’ll be bringing you a little bit of info about who our next interviewee will be – and I’m sure you’ll be as interested as I am. I hope to publish the interview in a couple of weeks as I will be attending a very special event next weekend as a guest of the person I’ll be interviewing. I will reveal all next week – so stay tuned!!

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