Bud Hunga – Travelling On Rhythms

Bud Hunga - Travelling On RhythmsBig thanks to Mr Kris Holmes for being our latest guest contributor with his selection last week – it certainly is one of my personal faves! We’ve got more guests lined up in future weeks and I’ve been working hard over here in Gazfunk HQ to bring you some more exclusive interviews which I’m sure you’ll find interesting & insightful.

So we come to this week’s update and a position I’m starting to find myself in with more regularity – finally being able to source a copy of a record that has probably remained on my wish list for longer than any other track I can think of. To continue on with the vibe of regularity it will not surprise you to know that this selection (given it’s rarity) is another one of those artists that I don’t know a terrible lot about.

So what exactly do I know about Bud Hunga? Well apart from the fact that he is often referred to as “Bun Hunga” his real name is in fact Roland Thyssen. Having originally started out playing music in the 60s as something of a renowned hammond organ player, it was to be the latter part of the 60s that saw his sound developed into the style that I bring you here. I suppose the way to categorize this particular selection is that funky mod jazz/KPM/library style best associated with the likes of Alan Hawkshaw, Keith Mansfield, Jack Arel et al.

This 45 (as well as his album) has become something of a prized possession among funk collectors around the globe partly due to rarity but also because of the sheer quality of the music on the album. This is one of those tracks that sounds absolutely fantastic on a decent stereo system such is the production and groove. So get those speakers turned up and groove to the fantastic sound of Bud Hunga And His Diplomatic Music!

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