Tito Puente – Loco Bossa Nova

Tito Puente - Loco Bossa Nova

It’s been quite some time since I’ve dipped into my collection to bring you something of a latin flavour and what better track to feature than this little beauty?

This is a record that I have been after for quite some time (I’d say more than 5 years!!) and I’ve only managed to find a copy very recently. It really is a very, very rare record this one and something that has gone under the radar for a lot of collectors. Released in  1962, it’s the b-side of “One Note Samba”, but in my humble opinion this is by far the better song.

I’m sure many of you are aware of Tito Puente as he was one of the originators of the latin sound that swept through the U.S. in the late 50s & 60s (in fact he was known as “El Rey De Los Timbales” – The King Of The Timbales, as well as the King of Latin Music). Most latin music fans will probably mostly be aware of him through “Hit The Bongo” – a record that so rarely turns up to buy, but on the rare occasions it does, sells for a minimum of £250+ As well as his 50 year music career Puente also appeared in quite a number of films and made guest appearances in Sesame Street, The Cosbys & The Simpsons!!

So what does this record offer? Well it has possibly the greatest example of timbales playing I’ve ever heard. I have to say the percussion on this one is absolutely off the scale and I would imagine sound amazing on a club system. It has a lovely shuffly rhythm which (to me at least) sounds way ahead of its time. So let’s crank up the volume on those speakers and celebrate the King Of Latin Music!!

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