Soul Patrol – Sweeter Than The Other Side

Soul Patrol - Sweeter Than The Other Side








One of the challenges for anyone who writes a blog (particularly one that features regular posts) is to try to find something interesting to write about. This can be particularly challenging when the blog is focused about music as this is something that is entirely down to one’s individual taste – as Sly Stone one said “Somebody else’s medicine could be a poison to you”

This week’s choice is a perfect example of what I have touched on above. It’s not that I can’t write about why this song is great, it’s more the fact that due to it not being well-known, there’s precious little (if any) information out there about it and therefore I’ve had to suffer what all bloggers fear – writer’s bloc. I toyed with the idea of not actually bringing you this great track because I couldn’t tart up the post and bring you some interesting anecdotes about the band or the song and then I figured that since the blog is all about the music, I’d just let the tune speak for itself.

And so with no further introduction, here is Soul Patrol (not Snow Patrol – don’t make that terrible mistake!!) 

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