T-Connection – Do What You Wanna Do

Ian Wright

So we’re on to another week and we have yet another quality tune for you, however this selection isn’t one from the Gazfunk vaults, but from the collection of our next very special  guest contributor – MR IAN WRIGHT

For those of you who don’t know Ian (and trust me, you really should!) he is recognised as a world authority on funk music and is widely regarded as having the largest/greatest collection of funk vinyl on the planet. This has enabled him to travel the globe dj’ing – from London to Paris, Berlin to St Petersburg, you name it, he’s funked it.

However his talents aren’t just restricted to dj’ing – oh no! Ian has also been responsible for being behind some of the best funk compilations around including the rather excellent “Sister Funk” series. As well as producing his own comps, he also spends a lot of time working with the legendary Jazzman records to unearth some nuggets for release.

With a pedigree like that, it’s no wonder we were so keen for Ian to dig through his crates and treat us to one of his favourite tunes. Ian, over to you:

O.K. – so as all collectors of rare and obscure 45’s know nothing really beats the feeling of a newly purchased 45 hitting the turntable, especially if its undiscovered and a blinder! Perhaps it seems to be a rarer occurrence these days than say 10-15 years ago tho? Anyway maybe in our quest for the holy grail and unobtainable we overlook some of the more easily available tunes at our disposal (a common trait of scenes built around rare records) so I always try and slip some of these into a set when I can.

T-Connection - Do What You Wanna Do

My first pick when it comes to ‘cheapies’ (and one of my all-time faves) will often be ‘DO WHAT YOU WANNA DO’ by T-CONNECTION on DASH records, part of Henry Stone’s famous TK label when it was originally released in 1977. I actually remember this making the national UK pop charts back in the day, so it goes to show some good stuff did make it occasionally! This track never fails to get a reaction when played out these days though – and it still surprises me how many people will ask what it is!”

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