Johnny Williams – Baby Be Mine

Johnny Williams - Baby Be Mine

When thinking of what tasty ear candy I was going to bring you this week, I looked back over some of my recent posts and realised that I’d featured a number of cover versions of well-known songs. Whilst it’s always good to showcase different takes on classic songs, it’s still worth remembering those long forgotten or rare gems. Today’s selection definitely falls into the latter category.

So here we have a lovely little cut by Johnny Williams. Johnny was born in Alabama and by the age of 14, he had relocated to Chicago, Illinois. During his career Williams recorded for a number of different labels including Twinight, Bashie & Philadelphia International ( it was to be on this label that he secured his biggest hit – “Slow Motion”, released in 1972). This particular selection was released on the Brunswick associated Bashie records and rather interestingly was written by Eugene Record (of The Chi-lites fame)

Recorded in ’69, I can honestly say that this record is one of my favourite soul records. From the opening few bars you know you’re in for a treat. This has GROOVE written all over it, with some nice keyboard and a top-notch production. It even has a nice little touch of funky flute at the end.

Next week I hope to bring you our latest guest contributor – and what a cracking guest we have lined up. This person is rightly regarded as one of, if not the foremost collector of funk music in the world and we are delighted that they have taken the time out to feature a classic cut from their collection. I also hope to be able to confirm a number of guest dj slots that I will be doing over the coming months at some very exciting events.

So keep it tuned to Gazfunk! 

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  1. thedrumdoctor

    That track has Funk Brothers imported in behind Berry Gordy’s back written all over it. With Brunswick using them for recording Jackie Wilson it wouldn’t surprise me in the least. That Bass line stinks of Jamerson or someone trying to sound like him! It wouldn’t be the first time the Funk Brothers never got a credit. It SO sounds like a Motown cut from the Snake Pit.

    • gazfunk Post author

      Yeah – you might be on to something there. Difficult to find out who exactly played on it but the production isn’t something that would sound out of place on a Motown record.

      Shame it remains relatively unknown by most…


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