The New Birth – Got To Get A Knutt

The New Birth - Got To Get A Knutt

Happy New Year to all our readers – I hope 2012 was a good year for you and 2013 is even better. We had a great year here on Gazfunk with the introduction of some new features including our guest contributors section (where we’ve had some great selections) and our big interviews that has already featured Mr Dennis Coffey!

This year we hope to bring you a lot more content alongside our regular features so keep checking back. We now have an official twitter page that you can follow – @GazfunkMusic, which we hope to develop over the coming year. We also have our very own youtube channel where we will be showcasing some of the great tracks from the Gazfunk vaults which won’t be appearing on the blog (mainly due to the fact that these tracks are LP only and as you know we only feature original 45s on the blog) You can check out our page by clicking this link:

So onto this week’s update. With it being the beginning of a new year, I figured a track by The New Birth would be highly appropriate. This song is something that I first became aware of a long time ago (1989 to be exact), however it wasn’t because of this original version, but more down to the fact that it was sampled quite extensively by De La Soul on their classic “3 Feet High & Rising” LP.

Like many crate diggers and kids who obsessed over the sounds during the Golden Age of Hip Hop, I always tried to find out just what damn funky tracks provided the blueprint for the songs I was grooving to by the likes of De La Soul, Public Enemy, NWA & the likes. The name of the group may not ring any bells for you – and in truth it doesn’t really for me either – but if you were a fan of 3 Feet High & Rising, you will most definitely recognise the samples used by De La Soul (on This Is A Recording & Can You Keep A Secret?) from this record.

The track itself was released in ’74 and if you listen carefully you’ll probably be able to grasp what the song is about – though I don’t want to explain it, as it is quite rude! Anyway, I’ve shown you the picture of the 45, however the version I am bringing you today is the 7min 35sec version in all it’s glory so that you can pick out all of those lovely samples.


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