The Fabulous Counts – Jan Jan

Fabulous Counts- Jan Jan

I’m sure you have noticed that this week’s update is a little later than normal – well it wasn’t because I was finding it difficult to follow last week’s Dennis Coffey interview (although how do you follow something like that??) but more down to the fact I’ve had a winter cold that’s kept me off my feet for almost a week now!! Though hopefully it’s finally starting to subside.

Anyway that’s enough about my health, on to this week’s update. I have to admit that this track was something I thought I’d heard a long time ago (and I’m pretty sure I did) but when I heard the song again in the recent past I realised what a great record it was, so I began looking through my record collection for it and to my surprise I never owned a copy. Well, I had to put that right and almost immediately sourced a copy from the internet, so thankfully I’m able to bring it to you on the blog (as you know, we here at Gazfunk only bring you tracks that are actually from my own personal vinyl collection and only 45s at that)

So what of The Fabulous Counts? Well they formed in Detroit in 1968 and appeared as the backing band for many touring solo acts. This selection was their debut single released that same year and would lend it’s name to the title of their debut LP which came a year later in ’69. The LP wasn’t much of a success and so they parted company with their label (Cotillion) and with a name change in place (they were to be known simply as “The Counts”) they signed to the Westbound label. Due in no small part to being the junior members on the label, the group left the Westbound stable soon after and signed for yet another label (Aware Records) with whom they recorded what turned out to be their last LPs before calling it a day in 1976.

Today’s selection is a lovely mid-tempo funk instrumental with an organ led sound backed up by some nice guitar & saxophone. In my opinion this cut would go down well at a laid back Sunday evening funk session. I hope you dig it. 

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