Clifford Curry – Soul Ranger

The inspiration for this week’s selection came about due to the fact that I became aware a few days ago that Mr Curry is due to perform this weekend at New Century Soul Club in Manchester so I wanted to give a bit of a taster to anyone lucky enough to be going along for what will undoubtedly be a great night out.

This track has been in my collection for quite a long time but has very rarely made it’s way into my dj box. I am a fan of the song but I’ve always found it hard to integrate into my sets as it’s not quite as uptempo as most of the tracks I usually play when dj’ing. One of the things that particularly drew me to the record in the first place was the fact that (as you can see) the track was recorded on blue vinyl. I have thousands of tracks in my collection but there is no other record I have from this time that was pressed on coloured vinyl so in my opinion this makes the song quite unique.

Some people might categorise this tune as Northern Soul but I’m reluctant to use that term as I think the term itself throws up more questions than answers. For me it’s just simply a great, catchy soul record and I’m sure when you listen to it you’ll agree.

I mentioned some time ago about another of our interviews that we have lined up for you, well I can tell you that we’ll be bringing you our next special guest interviewee next Tuesday, 27th November. Our guest is a huge star in the soul & funk world and is also considered to be something of a pioneer in the wider music world, so make sure you don’t miss out on next week’s update as I promise you are in for a treat!! 

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