Lou Rawls – Season Of The Witch

Big thanks to Sarge who was our latest guest contributor last week. We’ve more where that came from and also some guest interviews from some legendary artists in the funk & soul world coming soon so be sure to stay tuned.

So onto this week’s update and with it being Haloween today it seems only right that we present you with a particularly tasty treat. Lou Rawls has for a long time been one of my favourite singers – I just think he has an incredibly cool sounding voice. One just needs to check out his performance of Dead End Street live on youtube to truly appreciate just how much of a cool cat he truly was.

Those of you who like me have a fondness for 60s music will doubtless be aware that this is a cover version originally released by Donovan on the Sunshine Superman album back in ’66 and was also covered some time later by Brian Auger & Julie Driscoll. Rawls’ version is somewhat different to Donovan’s though and if you aren’t already aware of Rawl’s vocals (something that Frank Sinatra described as the classiest singing & silkiest chops in the singing game) I’m sure like me, you’ll quickly appreciate his unique voice.

Before we wrap up this week’s update I’d also like to say a few words about the sad passing of Terry Callier within the last couple of days. As well as being a very talented and important artist in his own right, friends of mine who were lucky enough to get to know him also spoke about how much of a gentleman he was and emphasised that despite all his talent he always remained genuinely humble.

R.I.P. Terry, you’ll be sadly missed.

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