Guest Contributor – Sarge

It’s about time that we brought you another guest contribution from another one of our friends here on the blog, and who better than a long-time buddy of mine who I’ve had the pleasure of sharing the decks with many times over the years – Sarge.

Sarge is one of the biggest vinyl collectors I know and often hawks himself around record fairs throughout Europe in the (mainly fruitless) search for that piece of rare vinyl to add to his collection. This dedication totally justifies his status as one of the top 10 mod djs in North Belfast.

When not out scouring for rekkids he also enjoys one of his other favourites pastimes – collecting artifacts from the troubles in Northern Ireland. Amongst his most prized possessions are 2 rubber bullets, a plastic bullet and an empty CS Gas canister. Some of his collection has recently featured in the Ulster Museum and I know this is something that has made him very proud.

As well as all this, Sarge also runs one of Europe’s biggest psychedelic clubs – Doctor Crippen’s Waiting Room. For more information, check out the Facebook page here    Anyway, that’s enough of an intro – Sarge it’s over to you:

Darkest Peru in the year 1968 and the armed coup was imminent followed by ban on rock music being heard anywhere; a kick in the balls for Peru’s already developed rock music scene. Like elsewhere in Latin America native rhythms were being fused with psychedelic rock, garage and surf to create something quite special. The scene was symbiotic and fluid and soon came the supergroup of traffic sound and its Sanguinetti and the boys we have to thank for this gem mined from the purest Inca rock. So many boxes ticked by one song it defies belief….title?…name of drug, tick…song?….about doin’ drugs and rapin’ witches, tick…pounding percussion, tick…..wah wah guitars, tick…..screams and groans, tick….singin about dyin’,tick…….references to ancient cultures, tick…….and the rest. If you aint heard this traffic sound record go now and get it in your ears and check out their other stuff as well its just bloody great.

However, as I know Gazfunk got a penchant for the deeper side of things the platter I submit to you is from Paco Zambrano y su combo, a little known Amazonian tribe of frog lickin guitar pickin rhythm bandits. Either way Meshkalina is just one of those tunes that get ya, it’s that mix of all the good stuff that makes you feel real good. It’s got the makings of a mod classic and has been gettin noticed more in some scenes and indeed a google tells me it’s been reissued and that Dc Fontana have recently covered it, there you go. Although I really must say the original Dinsa diarrhoea coloured vinyl’s a right treat.

Anyways enjoy this version and don’t forget to check out traffic sound as well…..heres the lyrics so you can go check out some ancient Inca educational references and all with this tune in your ears ya heard. Yáhuar Huaca wondered why he was high once Raped the witch and killed the wild Ayarmaca Let me down meshkalina

Let me down meshkalina Full of bull he was, oh God let me tell you Spread the weed one day, all over his empire

Let me down meshkalina

Let me down meshkalina F*** stayed for fifteen days in his lab once He said, “Man it’s here, let’s try my new substance”

Give me some meshkalina

Give me some meshkalina

We went driving hard and wild across the country

We were having fun, even though we were dying

Let me die meshkalina

Let me die meshkalina

Now I know it’s time for you to start learning

About the games we play everyday, every morning

Have fun even though you’re dying, thats my motto.

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