Ebony Rhythm Band – Drugs Ain't Cool

When deciding what track to bring you each week, I often try to draw inspiration from things that are topical or if there’s a particular event or the sad passing of a famous musician. This week’s pick comes as the result of a particularly high-profile news story regarding serious allegations about a former world champion cyclist (I’m sure y’all know which one)

I’m slightly cheating this week though as the song I’m bringing you is the instrumental version of this song from the LP not the vocal version contained on the 45. Rest assured though – this is by far the better version of the track.

The Ebony Rhythm Band’s story started out when they were the house band for the Lamp label based in Indianapolis. They managed to negotiate with the studio that they could have free studio time as part payment for their services and it was during this time that they cut a lot of the tracks which was later to be released on the “Soul Heart Transplant” LP. They only managed to cut one single which was Drugs Ain’t Cool and drew inspiration from The Spencer Davis Group’s “I’m A Man”

What made the Ebony Rhythm Band so unique was their music style & influences – whilst James Brown & The Meters were undoubtedly appreciated by the band, they also had a liking for rock music including The Doors, Cream & Jimi Hendrix and this led to their sound (and indeed look) being different to most other funk bands around at the time. Despite the fact that they only recorded such a small body of work, in my opinion they rank as one of the greatest ever funk bands.

Dig it. 

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