John Phillip Soul – That Memphis Thing

Today’s update brings you a track that is the b-side of this particular record and is one of those rare occasions that it’s part of a genuine double sider. I have spoken about the a-side before during one of my earlier posts (“I take what I want” by James & Bobby Purify) due to its similarity to that song and of course Sam & Dave’s original.

This week’s concentration is on the flip however. Strangely I’ve owned this record for quite a while but had either forgotten how good the b-side was or (inexplicably) not fully appreciated it as much as I should have. Anyway like the a-side this is an instrumental, however, unlike the a-side this has much less of a brass band feel to it and much more of a hammond sound with Dennis Coffey style guitar work thrown in. I’ve taken to playing this track recently at some of the mod nights that I’ve been dj’ing at and it’s always been well received. Maybe that might give you a bit of an idea of the vibe.

You may well have noticed a few changes to the site recently and we have more plans in place to continue with updating not just the look, but also with more content. As well as our excellent guest contributor slots, we’ve also lined up a number of people in the soul & funk world for some exclusive interviews.

Stay tuned! 

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