East Bay Soul Brass – The Panther

Today’s update will be my last for a couple of weeks as I’m going to my house in Turkey on Friday for some long overdue sun (our weather in Belfast has been particularly poor this summer with the wettest June & July since records began!) Anyway, as a little treat before I go I thought I’d bring you this little corker to keep you groovin’ in the meantime.

With this track we’re again reaching out there to the realms of obscurity. I don’t really know who the East Bay Soul Brass are although I know they are from L.A., but as you can see, this was released on the same label (Rampart) as the classic “Hector” by The Village Callers. This is also the only track I’ve seen by the band, but it did make its way onto the Vampisoul comp “Pachuco Soul” which was a showcase of Mexican American bands from East L.A. (in fact the Rampart label was seen as the Motown of the California chicanos)

As you might expect from a song with such a title there is a panther sound running through it – in fact it sounds more like a big cat tearing at its unfortunate prey, thus giving it a really unique vibe. I’m sure you’ll all dig this as much as I do and hopefully it’ll keep you entertained whilst I’m on my holidays.

I’ll be back with a very exciting interview with one of the hottest nu-funk bands around and also our next very special guest contributor. In the meantime, keep it funky – keep it Gazfunk!

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