Carl Douglas – Something For Nothing

A couple of weeks back I featured a track by Udo Jurgens and I remarked how that particular song was very left field for the type of sound he was normally associated with. Well today’s selection is on a similar vein, in that again, the sound we are featuring is somewhat different to what you’d expect from him.

I’m sure there is hardly a person on the planet who has never heard Carl Douglas’ novelty hit “Kung Fu Fighting” given that it has probably been played at birthday parties and weddings the world over for nigh on the last 40 years. Today’s feature was his first release back in 1967 along with a band called The Big Stampede. Of course, this single totally flopped and for many years remained unknown by many soul fans.

However it was picked up again by the mod crowd some years later due in no small part to the cover version released in 1968 by the Belgian soul group Jess & James (I say Belgian because they were based there and many people believed them to be Belgian, but in fact they were born in Portugal and relocated at a young age)

My first introduction came a number of years back when a friend of mine put this onto a mix cd and it immediately got me hooked. I tried in vain for quite a while to turn up a copy but like many of the records on your wants list it proved to be elusive until quite recently.


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