Rhythm Cowboys – The Good, The Bad & The Ugly

There have been plenty of funky film soundtracks over the years but we’ve rarely featured them here on the blog (save for They Call Me Mister Tibbs a few months back). So we’re going to put that right with this week’s choice.

O.K., this particular version was never on the soundtrack (it was only recorded last year!) but since it’s a take on quite possibly one of the most famous pieces of music in cinema history (originally recorded by the legendary composer Ennio Morricone) it certainly deserves it’s place.

I was first hipped to this track last year by my man in Russia – Misha Chak and immediately bought a copy. It was originally released to promote Chakster’s own club in St Petersburg – Fun City Shingaling (in fact it was actually the 3rd release designed to promote the club). The record itself is pretty rare given that there were only 50 original copies pressed of which I have one.

This version stays pretty loyal to the original, though as you might expect it’s been “beefed up” a little, with phat sounding drums and funky sound effects.

Chak it! 

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