Udo Jurgens – Peace Now

Before I begin with this week’s update, I’d just like to firstly give a big shout out to our 2nd guest contributor who we featured last week – HeavySoulBrutha. We’ve already got our next guest lined up and I’m sure you’ll dig his selection just as much as our previous contributors.

So, on to this week’s update and I’ve decided to bring you something very different to the usual sound we bring you here on the blog. I’ve already touched on the fact previously (especially if you check out my bio and my official site) that I also have a big fondness for collecting freakbeat, psych & 60s pop. Well this week’s choice mixes freakbeat & 60s pop with a dose of funk.

Udo Jurgens is an Austrian musician who has sold over 100 million records worldwide and is still performing sold-out concerts today at the ripe old age of 77! He has been composing songs from as far back as 1950 and penned the worldwide hit “Reach For The Stars” for Shirley Bassey back in 1961. As well as being a composer for a variety of different artists, he has also represented Austria in the Eurovision Song Contest (winning in 1966).

Over the years his musical styles have ranged from pop, to traditional “schlager” music and crooner-style swing to disco. It’s this track however, hidden as the b-side to the single ” Deine Einsam-keit” that really grabs me. There’s a very funky intro and plenty of wah-wah guitar, funky bassline & gospel style backing vocals – a totally unexpected sound from a man happy to indulge in various genres. Mixed in with a 60s pop feel, this is quite a unique sounding record. If you happen upon one of these records for sale, I would urge you to buy it and flip over to the A-side so that you can fully appreciate how much of a detour this track is sound-wise for the man. 

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