I Bisacquei – Kalooky

So on to another week and I have to apologise to my English friends for this week’s selection as the group behind this track are from Italy – sorry!

Anyway, there’s not a terrible lot known about I Bisacquei apart from the fact they were an Italian band from Trieste, who I’m led to believe spent time touring round the world (particularly the US) playing at various corporate events & private parties in some of the most luxurious hotels around the world (good work if you can get it).

They released a very limited number of singles, all of which have become hugely collectible for funk djs & collectors worldwide including this selection, Kalooky released in ’69. The track itself has some top hammond work on it coupled with some funky-ass bass. This would fit in nicely alongside something like G.P. Reverbi’s “Sequence 38”. Dig!

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