Lonette – Stop! (Don't Worry About It)

This week’s selection was a song that I thought I had already brought you, but alas I hadn’t.

Some of you my recognise the name Lonette as the actress Lonette McKee. Long before she became known as an actress Lonette recorded this track at the tender age of 14. When you listen to this you’ll instantly hear the Motown inspired sound. That’s because this was written by none other than legendary Funk Brother (and favourite of ours here on Gazfunk) – Dennis Coffey.

The song was recorded in ’67 and features Dennis Coffey’s signature guitar sound. It was released on a small label out of Detroit and proved to be a minor local hit. One wonders how the song would’ve done if Coffey had’ve managed to convince Berry Gordy to throw his weight behind it though…

By the age of 16 McKee relocated to L.A. to live with her older sister where she continued her singing career, however she began to take a keen interest in acting and it was acting that was to become her full-time career which led to her breakthrough in 1976’s “Sparkle”.

She has since starred in various Hollywood films including Brewster’s Millions, He Got Game & Malcolm X and she continues acting to this day.

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