Ivor Raymonde Orchestra – It's The Real Thing

Today’s update (as you can probably tell from the label) was featured as part of the advertising campaign for the world’s most well-known fizzy drink back in 1971. However, this track seemed to pass most people by and it was the A-Side of this record that most people will remember – The New Seekers “Buy The World A Coke”

A few years back this featured on a compilation by DJ Shadow & Cut Chemist called Product Placement Breaks, which featured amongst others Dennis Coffey, Marlena Shaw, The Commodores & the hugely collectible Milk – The Basic by the American Dairy Association Of Mississippi.

Ivor Ryamonde was a writer & composer who was best known for his orchestral arrangements for Dusty Springfield in the 60s (including writing “I Only Want To Be With You”) In addition to this, he spent a period working as the BBC’s musical director and that probably explains the sound of this track. This is very similar in style to the KPM Library grooves that featured Keith Mansfield, Alan Hawkshaw etc and for those of you in the UK, quite similar to the theme from World Of Sport and various other 70s tv shows.

This is indeed, the real thing…

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