Dorothy Morrison – Rain

So we’re finally back on track this week and able to bring you the update at our regular slot on a Monday evening.

Over the last number of weeks we’ve had particularly pleasant weather here in Belfast – so much so that it has appeared to many that this is in fact our summer (believe me our summer’s are normally wet and devoid of much sun!!). But as is the case with all good things they must come to an end and with today turning into a typical April day full of showers, it gave me the inspiration for this week’s update (something to be grateful for at least!)

Dorothy Morrison may be a name that’s unfamiliar to you but prior to her solo career she was the lead singer in The Edward Hawkins Singers who are undoubtedly best known for their gospel-style international hit “Oh Happy Day”, cut back in ’69.

Upon developing a solo career within a year, she released an album entitled Brand New Day. This was followed up in ’71 by today’s selection, Rain. I have recently featured this track as the first song on a mix album that I put together which I will soon be uploading to mixcloud. This track also has a somewhat gospel feel to it, if not slightly leaning toward the funk side. To my ears at least it kinda has that hippy sound that’s not too dissimilar in style to the sound of The Fifth Dimension.

Anyway, enjoy rain but let’s hope it isn’t here to stay for too long!!

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