Elder William Smith – His Voice

We’re going for something pretty new this week for you to try. This cut was released in 2009 and limited to just 200 hand numbered copies. Most of them sold on the first few days of release however there are still some copies for sale on various websites but you’ll be expected to cough up £80+ to nab one.

There’s very little known about who Elder William Smith is – though I do know the track was produced by my fellow dj & collector Kris Holmes. What makes this track even more unique is the fact that it come out of New Zealand.

As for the song itself, it’s quite a heavy funk sound with a preacher talking over the top. If you listen closely, you might recognize the drum beat from Tommy Roe’s 60s hit – Sweet Pea. In my opinion this is simply one of the best funk tunes released in the last 20 years. It obviously grabbed the attention of the guys at the Record Kicks label too as it featured on one of their excellent SoulShaker comps a few years back and the instrumental version of this appeared on Jazzman Gerald’s also excellent “Let’s Boogaloo” series.

You know it’s gonna be groovy if both of those labels decide to feature it on their comps!

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