The Equals – Black Skin Blue Eyed Boys

I’ve just returned from my jaunt to London and a most enjoyable trip it was too! Friday night took us to Soho and Madame Jojos. If you aren’t aware of it, this was the venue that Keb Darge held his legendary “Deep Funk” night for many years. It’s changed a little bit since then, with Snowboy now the resident in funk and a name change to “The Good Foot”.

Joined on stage that night was Jay Strongman who popped along for a guest slot during a brief visit back to London. The music was still classic r&b, soul & funk with a little dollop of ska/reggae thrown in. The music policy has changed a bit since I was last there when Keb was resident in chief (it’s a bit more on the “commercial” side) though it was still an enjoyable night and well worth a visit if you happen to find yourself in London of a weekend.

Saturday night took us to the legendary Jazz Cafe in Camden Town. We were there to see our old favourites – “Breakestra”. Despite an almost complete change in the band’s personnel since the last time I saw them, they still sounded fantastic live.

They opened with a number of cover versions of classic funk tracks – Etta James’ You Got It (which we featured here on Gazfunk), Johnny Otis’ Watts Breakaway & my own personal favourite, Lil Lavair & Fabulous Jades – Cold Heat. Later in the set they played quite a number of their own compositions, though this was where the atmosphere dropped a little for me. You can’t beat the classics, huh?

Anyway on to this week’s update. Obviously this was inspired by my trip away so when trying to think of something funky that represents London, this was the clear favourite. I’m sure plenty of you are aware of Eddy Grant and no doubt his band The Equals (due in no small part to their monster hit “Baby Come Back). Well this choice is even funkier again and was an anti-war protest song.

Listen to the funky guitar on this track and try not to get your groove on..

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