Johnny Otis – Country Girl

Last week’s update was dictated by the news of the sad passing of Etta James the week beforehand and this week’s update is sadly on the same vein.

Johnny Otis passed away the same week as Etta James at the ripe old age of 90 and ironically it was he who gave Etta her first break (when James was still only 14 years old) way back in the fifties with her first release coming in 1955 (Dance With Me, Henry)

Johnny Otis is also often referred to as the Godfather Of Rhythm & Blues (and was the original producer for Hound Dog).  Throughout his musical career he performed many roles including dj, producer, singer, musician, talent scout to name just a few.

This selection was recorded in 1969 and when you listen to it you’ll notice the more than passing resemblance to Otis & Carla’s “Tramp”. I really could talk at length about this great innovator & pioneer but it’s probably best to just remember him by his music.

R.I.P. Johnny – you’ll be sadly missed.

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